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Spotted on Etsy
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Spotted On Etsy

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My name is Casey and I am a proud seller on Etsy- Your place to buy and sell all things handmade! I created this community to showcase the amazing talent on Etsy and to promote the wonderful world of Etsy to those who may not know it. Spotted on Etsy hosts giveaways to readers from the generous Etsy artists featured here. Read the posts from featured artists to learn how you can win!

If you are interested in being featured here, please send your Name and Etsy shop in an e-mail to: spottedonetsy@gmail.com. I will then contact you and give you a form to fill out!

If you are willing to donate an item from your shop for a giveaway, I will post your link on the main community page on the left sidebar. By donating an item for a giveaway, you will receive many hits to your shop page because in order to enter the giveaway, readers will have to visit your shop and answer a question that you choose. Some examples would be what they like best at your shop, what would they change, what is their favorite item, etc.

If you would like to add a promotional icon for your etsy shop (smaller than 120x120 pixels) to this bio page, please e-mail me with the image URL and your etsy shop URL and I will do so immediately!

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